DO we really want to carry to completion the work left unfinished by Carlo Giuliani, Rachel Corrie, Lee Kyang HaiCarlo Jiuiiani was killed by police in Genoa, Italy while protesting against G-8 meet. Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist in Palestine, was killed by Israeli bulldozers on 16 March 2003. Li Kyang Hai, a Korean farmers’ leader stabbed himself to protest against the WTO meet on 10 Sept. 03 held at Cancun. and the hundreds of their comrades-in-arms fighting and dying for the same cause in Asia, Africa and Latin America? Do we mean it? If yes, honest rage against the modern barbarians is not enough, nor are bits of information regarding the endless evil deeds of corrupt corporations and oppressive states; what we need is a deeper understanding of the inner springs of the huge oppressive machine we have stood up against. And as with them, so with us, knowledge is power. Theory becomes a material force when it grips the masses.