Almost all the documents of the period 1917-28 are taken from volumes I, II and III of Dr. G Adhikari’s exhaustive treatise : Documents of the History of the CPI (People’s publishing House, New Delhi). For the years not covered by Dr. Adhikari (1929-39), we have collected the documents from : (i) Ajay Bhavan Library, New Delhi (thanks to comrade PK Balakrishnan, Librarian), (ii) Archives On Contemporary History, JNU Library, New Delhi (thanks to Professor KN Panicker, Chairman) and (iii) Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi (thanks to Dr. Haridev Sharma, Deputy Director). We are happy to acknowledge the comradely help accorded to us by Indrajit Gupta, General Secretary of CPI, in using all materials belonging to the party including those in Ajay Bhavan.

We are also thankful to Arun Ghosh, Deputy Librarian, Centre for Studies in Social Science, Calcutta, and to Ina Bose, widow of comrade Dilip Bose (CPI), for making available their collection of books to us. We have drawn in no small measure on reminiscences authored by several veteran communists and on certain general history books. These are duly acknowledged in appropriate places, but special mention should be made here of Sumit Sarkar’s Modern India (Macmillan).


Edited with an Introduction by
Arindam Sen
Partha Ghosh


First Published : December 1991