Publisher's Note:

This is a collection of Comrade Vinod Mishra's articles on youth and students that we could gather for the time being.


“India of my dreams is essentially an integral India where a Pakistani Muslim won't have to procure a visa in search of the roots of his evolution; where, likewise, for an Indian the great Indus Valley Civilization shall not fall in a foreign country; and where a Bengali Hindu refugee will finally shed away the bitter memories of Dacca and a Bangladeshi Muslim will not be hounded as a foreign national in India.”

“This India will rank among the first five countries of the world in economic prowess as well es in Olympic tallies.”

“In India of my dreams, glorification of pariahs as harijans will end and dalits will cease to be a category. Castes shall dissolve into classes with each of their members having their individualized expression.”

“India of my dreams is built upon the fundamental processes at work within the Indian society and for whose realization many like we art committed to the last drop of their blood.”

Collection of Comrade Vinod Mishra's articles

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