We are passing through a period of great transition. On the one hand, the economy is in chaos, political system is breaking down and social fabric is disintegrating, and on the other hand masses are in motion, rising mass struggles for economic justice, political democracy and social harmony are generating high expectations and opening up new vistas. Autocracy is fast sp1ading its dragnet.

At this juncture, role of revolutionary theory assumes paramount importance. And if at this turning point of history, we want to take our motherland on the path of peace, progress and prosperity, Marxism is the only hope. Unfortunately the are many varieties of adultrated Marxism in the market aw hence a lot of confusion exists.

So, we decided to publish three pamphlates in a popular form dealing with three component parts of Marxism —philosophy, political economy and socialism, which may be of some help at the present juncture.

Marxist Study Centre


August, 1981