A CPI(ML) Document


Many Scholars have done pioneering research work on the state of agrarian relations and the history of peasant movement in the State of Bihar. In preparing this report we have relied heavily on their books and articles in matters of historical facts, statistics, quotes etc. In some cases, where our point of view converges with theirs we have borrowed their well-expressed descriptions. In particular, F. Tomasson Jannuzi’s book, Agrarian Crisis in India : The Case of Bihar; Girish Mishra’s Agrarian Problems of Permanent Settlement: A Case Study of Champaran; articles by Nirmal Sengupta, Arvind N. Das, Manoshi Mitra and T. Vijayendra, Kalyan Mukherjee and Rajendra Singh Yadav, and Arun Sinha, compiled in the book, Agrarian Movements in India : Studies on 20th Century Bihar edited by Arvind N. Das ; and several other articles of these and other authors appearing in different issues of Social Scientist and Economic and Political Weekly) have been of considerable help to us. We express our sincere gratitude to all of them.