Bathani Tola CoverMassacred by Ranveer Sena in Laloo’s Bihar –
Massacred Judicially in Nitish Regime!

The Bihar HC’s acquittal of all the accused in the Bathani Tola massacre case, overturning a lower court’s conviction of 23, has shocked and outraged people across the country. The acquittal has raised urgent questions about justice for the victims of the massacres of rural poor in the 1990s by the feudal landlord army, Ranveer Sena. In this booklet, we recall the social and political context of those massacres and the struggle for justice that followed. We also follow the trail of political complicity and patronage that has allowed the perpetrators to go free, and the continuing struggle for justice. This booklet is an urgent call for justice – justice against the perpetrators of feudal-communal massacres, and also justice for the people of Bathani Tola and Bihar, who defend their aspirations for an egalitarian and free society, defying the most brutal and barbaric attempts to make them relinquish their struggle.