OVER two centuries after a motley caucus of treacherous princes, merchants and feudal lords sold the subcontinent to the British, their present-day progeny have done one better by selling the nation to the entire world. The new economic order being ushered in by the Congress(I) government as part of the IMF package can be described as nothing else but a blueprint of mindless economic and political self-destruction wrought on the nation by a bankrupt ruling class. Here in this booklet, the Indian People's Front exposes the disastrous implications of the new economic package for Indian sovereignty and democracy and presents the radical way out.

(1) Calendar of Capitulation
(2) “IMF Lao, Desh Bech Aao”
(3) Flashback 1981
(4) Liberalisation : The 21st Century Fix
(5) Sabse Chhota Rupaiya!
(6) India Pepsified
(7) Budget 1991: Quack, Quack!
(8) The Way Out
(9) A Crow in Peacock Feathers?
(10) No Passaran!

IMF’s Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt worship me as thy only money god.
2. Thou shalt not see any other means of raising thy foreign exchange.
3. Thou shalt devalue, first, thy currency and then thy self-respect.
4. Thou shalt open up thy economy and allow us to seal your fate forever.
5. Thou shalt not deny our multinational ‘angels’ the right to sell toothpaste and potato chips to thy people (and also gas them to death occasionally if required).
6. Thou shalt allow us to purchase thy real estate now and thy state later.
7. Thou shalt never commit ‘defaultt’ery and shalt continue, to service thy debt till thou droppeth dead.
8. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours’ low debt-service ratio or self-reliant growth.
9. Thou shalt appoint my men as thy policy-makers.
10. As a general principle thou shalt crawl when thou art asked to bend.

The Bible of Debt