A great leap forward, a long-awaited liberation and indeed a revolution! Last year when the Narsimha Rao government launched its propaganda blitzkrieg to present its sellout to the IMF as a veritable national nirvana, our booklet was a stubborn attempt at calling their bluff.

On the first anniversary of the Structural Adjustment Programme as the goons of globalisation continue vandalising decades of hard-won Indian sovereignty, we are back with the second edition of the booklet.

We have added four new chapters besides updating figures and facts. Also included is a pullout of a snakes-and-laddersgame which symbolises the struggle of the common Indian 'consumer' to survive the onslaught of the 'snakes' lurking at every step.

Our first attempt at questioning, criticising and even lampooning the new economic policies had received an inspiringly enthusiastic response. We would like to thank all those who helped make this booklet possible and its sale successful.

(1). Bull, Boom, Bust!
(2). Operation SAP I: Free Market Farces
(3). Operation SAP II: Grave New World
(4). Dollar-Rupaiya, Bhaiya-Bhaiya?