THE PM said the Note Ban decision was kept secret in order to keep the corrupt in the dark. PM Modi mocked the Opposition parties saying they are complaining because they did not have time to ‘prepare.’ But the question arises: did Modi himself give his own party and his friends prior information and ample time to ‘prepare’ for Note Ban and dispose of black money?

  • Just before 8 November 2016, the BJP President Amit Shah ordered BJP leaders all over India to buy land. In Bihar and Odisha, lakhs of crores worth of land was bought by the BJP’s national office. Bihar BJP leader Sushil Modi admits that land was probably bought by BJP in 300 districts of India. Where did BJP get all this money from? Did they have inside information about the Note Ban announcement?

  • Modi and Amit Shah have asked BJP MPs and MLAs to submit their accounts since November 8 2016. But what about BJP’s own official account and BJP leaders’ accounts just before November 8?

  • The BJP has also bought 4 bikes per constituency for its men in UP. In cash-strapped India, how could the BJP afford this huge expenditure? BJP leaders are now openly claiming that UP will get a huge cash-influx so that people’s anger can be appeased before the Assembly polls.

  • On December 17 the IANS, a news agency, quoted an unnamed official source to say that Rs. 5,000 crore has been flown into Uttar Pradesh on a special plane by the Reserve Bank of India. BJP leaders in UP are spreading these claims quite openly. Actually if these claims are true, it is nothing but another huge scam: because the RBI is not supposed to act as a political tool and send cash selectively to create artificial and temporary relief in poll-bound states while the rest of the country suffers.

This Note Bank Scam by the BJP must be investigated by an independent agency!

BJP Buys Bulk Bikes In UP

‘IRONY of India’ web portal reported from Gorakhpur, UP, December 14 2016:

“At Jangal Chawri we have found at least 248 TVS bike with BJP stickers, parked and ready to be distributed.”

The BJP’s Beniganj office in Gorakhpur bought at least 188 of these bikes. Every constituency is to get four bikes for campaigning in UP elections.

Each bike is roughly estimated to cost Rs 37,105/- including registration fees: this means a total of Rs 91,80,000 for 248 bikes. Was this bought with white money? Will it be cited in poll expenditure to the Election Commission?