Narendra Modi and his Government are also using the Note Ban as a test run for fascism. In making the decision he bypassed the decision-making mechanisms of the RBI, his own Cabinet as well as Parliament. He is trying to see how far he can go in imposing a secretive, destructive and undemocratic decision on the public.

The poor are beginning to realize that Modi lied to them about Note Ban being pro-poor and against the rich and corrupt. So now the RSS machinery is busy spreading rumours about Modi’s plans to provide housing for the poor and other benefits. Such promises are totally hollow. In fact, Modi and his Government are cutting back on all pro-poor welfare schemes including MNREGA and Food Security.

Modi ‘bhakts’ branded students as ‘anti-national’ and beat them up for criticizing the PM. They bully and beat up all dissenting voices, and they shower abuses on women who criticize or question the PM. Now, even criticizing the PM for the disastrous Note Ban decision is being branded ‘anti-national.’ Lallan Singh Khushwaha, a Delhi man, was beaten up by some criminals for criticizing Modi’s Note Ban decision.

As journalist Ravish Kumar said, all citizens must perforce chant ‘Baagon me bahaar hai’ (Spring is in the air/All is well) and must not question decisions of the PM, no matter how much we suffer. Questioning will be silenced by creating a climate of fear. If this is not an Emergency, what is?

The PM in his speech promised the nation that we could punish him at public crossroads all over the country if the sufferings of the poor lasted beyond 50 days. The 50 days are up but the Note Ban pain seems permanent. Let us hold public hearings at every crossroad, and invite the PM to attend. If he does not dare to come face the people’s wrath, let us burn his effigies instead.