NOTE Ban has been nothing short of a disaster – for the economy, for the poor, for the country. It has pushed people who were somehow eking out their survival, over the edge into destitution and penury. People are desperate – on the brink of starvation; suddenly rendered jobless; and unable to afford medical care, fees for education and other necessities. The Prime Minister should take responsibility for this disastrous decision. When a natural calamity occurs, the Government and Prime Minister compensate the affected people. In the case of a man-made disaster like the Note Ban, directly created by the Prime Minister Modi himself, the Government must compensate the people for the immense sufferings and losses inflicted on them for no fault of theirs.

Moreover the Government must take concrete measures that really hit at black money holders – not protect such corrupt people behind a smokescreen of ‘Note Ban’.

The Government must immediately:

  • Pay Rs 1 lakh to each citizen as compensation for the Note Ban disaster

  • Ensure free rations, free treatment at all government and private hospitals

  • Waive all farmers’ loans and students’ school/college fees

  • Publish the list of bank defaulters and black money holders who have accounts in foreign banks.

  • Make it mandatory for political parties to publicly disclose all their sources of funding.

  • Why has the Modi Government failed to appoint a Lokpal yet? Appoint a Lokpal without further delay.